Hanging Kokedama


What is kokedama?

There is something intrinsically inviting and soothing about the form of kokedama, through the juxtaposition of its controlled and wild aspects. It is a manifestation of wabi-sabi, or the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. All the elements which keep bonsai from falling into obscurity are also present in kokedama, but in a much more accessible format.

Economical design, which seeks to use a minimum of components, along with displaying natural processes and naturally occurring objects, is becoming increasingly mainstream. As more people choose to see the beauty in the roughness of nature, the room in their lives for meaningless clutter diminishes.

As a hobby, the art of making kokedama is as rewarding as it gets. The act of putting our hands in direct contact with natural materials literally grounds us. The wrapping process is very meditative; the action requires bilateral coordination – that is, to use both hands simultaneously and independently. And because both hands are required to wrap, and each must perform separate and independent actions, it is very difficult to think about anything else. One becomes completely present in the moment.

Additionally, when creating the heavily wrapped style, there is also a meditative quality to the repetitive but nuanced action of wrapping string around a sphere. It is almost hypnotic.

Many amateur kokedama artists use the art as a way to unwind after hectic days at work, or frenetically busy periods in their lives. The action of making a kokedama.

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Learn all about the Japanese art of creating pot-less plants, known as kokedama, from botanical extraordinaire Coraleigh Parker, and have a go a creating your own pot-less, hanging plants. Coraleigh’s breath-taking moss ball creations, featuring ferns, succulents, herbs, orchids and even small trees, are suspended in mid-air and supported by nothing more than a series of strings or fishing lines, intricately wrapped around a root ball.  Decorating with indoor plants has never been more popular and hanging kokedama is the ultimate botanical trend as it offers everything through a single, versatile and inexpensive craft; you can turn any of your favourite plants into a kokedama on a (shoe)string in no time.

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