The Orchidopaedia series


Over 400 of the genera are given with at least one image – and often more to show variety or special features.

Each of the 1016 genera text pages contains information about

  • Features such as habit and identifying characters
  • Distribution
  • The author, publication and source of the name (etymology)
  • The relationships it shows to other orchid genera, and genera to which it has some physical similarity
  • Synonyms by which it may also be known

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A series of framed pages presenting information about all the natural genera of orchids and all of the intergeneric hybrids up to 2002 – almost 2000 in total (1016 are natural genera).

All genera are fully cross referenced – where they are named on a page that name is a link to show the other genus.

A variety of indexes are provided, including by the accepted name and any synonyms, as well as by the relationships they show to each other, the form and habit, and the geographical region in which they occur.

Also, where an image is given for the genus, that image is given as a 100 pixel thumbnail image in the alphabetical index to let you see what it looks like.

All of the accepted Intergeneric Hybrid Genera (produced until the start of 2002) are also presented with an individual page for each covering the composition of it, with links to the various component genera and thumbnails images of them if available.

An extensive glossary is given, with cross references from the text, and all cited references are also cross referenced.


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